What the fuck is cheemstopus?

A gem box was opened that will give you a x10000000000000

It is a project created and developed by anonymous but highly trained personnel, with a great dream in common.

Create a DEX powerful enough to be able to fight with the same ETHEREUM

We have analyzed multiple decentralized exchanges and we realized a big mistake they have a mint per blocks and their contracts are simple and inefficient for the reason that they need too much volume of trade to be able to increase the price.

So we create a contract so efficient that it adds liquidity automatically and allows you to pool BNB in different wallets to pay for marketing and make purchases the BONK BURNS MONTHLY!

We know that we deployed it and we failed but neglect the hoders who bought the toke they will be sent tokens totally free.

These are the following wallets:

Contracts will be excluded and a proportional one will be given to the pre sale price

I know that we failed at the beginning but we learned from mistakes, big projects need a community that gives fomo to it.
And help it grow up to the fucking moon.


We will deliver the tokens when we gather a community to launch a pre sale, We know it sucks, but Cheemstopus will have to wait.


What will Cheemstopus bring?

Official supply of 500,000 Bonk

Farms that will reward with BONK

IFO’s that will help burn more BONK

Automatic stalking of BONK


NTF Video Game

Market NTF

And more surprises……..

x100000000 Gem $BONK

We will not create more tokens than necessary, We will not cause inflation and we have a goal of reaching 20 million dollars to get the NTF game in order to ensure juicy profits to our holders.

Our liquidity will be blocked for 100 years




Web Site




I play NTF, constant shopping and burnings! $ BONK TO THE MOON 🐶🔨 Telegram: https://t.me/HELLOPEMTTER

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I play NTF, constant shopping and burnings! $ BONK TO THE MOON 🐶🔨 Telegram: https://t.me/HELLOPEMTTER

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